If you use our service, you agree to the following conditions:
Our service is best effort. We have best intentions to deliver quality work as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, unpredictable can not be predicted, and so occasionally we may fail meeting your expectations. In case of delays we will always let you know beforehand, so that you can cancel your order. It is our best intention to deliver great product and to keep you satisfied.
To make sure the quality of our delivery matches your expectations, we offer free samples. Please contact us for the details.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by our service. We are only responsible up to the value of your order and only if the damage is the result of our negligence. In all cases we will try to help.
We do not print pictures that expose nudity or any other offensive content. And by using our service, you accept that we reserve the rights to refuse to print if we find your content offensive for whatever other reason. The judgment is on our side.
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